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# LinuxUpdatescript
## Linux Update script
A bash script writted by [Pardesi Cat ](https://pardesicat.xyz)for easy update/upgrade the linux system
Linux Bash script for auto update in Debian Based distro + server
## **To use this script simply follow these steps**
a bash script writted by pardesi cat for easy update system
1. <u>Clone the update script from my selfhost git server</u>
git clone https://git.pardesicat.xyz/pardesicat/PardesiScript.git
**Linux Bash script for auto update**
2. <u>Goto that directory</u>
To use this script simply clone the git or download zip to clone
cd PardesiScript
3. <u>Run the bash script</u>
bash pardesicat.sh
`git clone https://git.pardesicat.xyz/catboii/LinuxUpdatescript.git`
`cd LinuxUpdatescript`
` bash pardesicat.sh`
> Note: SCipt will only work for debian based distros (mainly **apt** package managers)
> [!Attention]
> Script will only work for debian based distros (mainly with apt package managers)